Clear Strategic Focus

Are you actively creating your organization's future?

  • How are you adapting to major changes facing your company or industry? 
  • Are you aligning leaders around a compelling vision?
  • Has achieving the most fundamental bottom-line goals become a challenge?

Develop a competitive marketplace focus through well-planned change initiatives that engage employees system-wide, maximize commitment and deliver smooth execution.  


We begin with a Guiding Team of diverse influential leaders to steer the planning initiative -- ensuring that the people needed to identify powerful strategies are contributing and committed to the effort.   We emphasize a broad and deep reach of the people who are knowledgeable and can assist in the strategy design and implementation.  To create Clear Strategic Focus, we orient leaders to the organization's positive core -- unique strengths, talents, relationships and heritage.   Once clarified, leaders can artfully leverage these assets to capitalize on opportunities, ensuring that employees take responsibility for change, and therefore, help pave the way for stream-lined execution.

Our processes use a proven approach developed by A.G. Lafley and Roger Martin that address a coordinated set of choices.

1.  What is our Winning Aspiration?  What do we aspire to do for our customers?

2.  Where are We Going to Play?  In other words, where are the places where we can differentiate ourselves and add value?

3.  How are We Going to Win in that Space?   Organizations can play at strategy, or they can plan to win in where they decide to play.    Choices 2. and 3. are tightly bound and are the foundation for a robust sustainable strategy.

4.  What are our Core Capabilties?   What core capabilities can we leverage (existing strengths) to power up our efforts?   What core capabilities do we need to acquire or develop?

5.  What are our Management Practices?   What do we need to do organizationally (processes, metrics, rewards, etc.) to stay clearly focused on the strategy?  Do we have management practices we need to leave behind because they no longer serve our current strategies?


Clear Strategic Focus

As the incoming Executive Director for the Chamber, I was so pleased that we worked with WilderWeber in creating a clear and focused strategic plan.  The work that came out of that plan directed our organization to achieve short-term wins and long-term aspirations. WilderWeber facilitated our journey to being a better organization.

Catherine Gambill Sutton, CAE, Vice President, IHG Owners Association, Atlanta, GA

Strategic Planning is a Learning Process

Planning ahead in today’s economic environment includes building capacity to embrace the unexpected. Planning also needs to think about the future in ways that create the future and adapt to incoming changing factors...