Effective Leaders

Thriving organizations have the most effective leaders.


Now, more than ever, leadership is not about leading people to a new place but leading people to a new way of being.

Part of that new way of being is engaging your EQ to manage yourself and your relationships with others around you.


The Organization Workshop

Strengthening Partnerships Up, Down and Across Organizational Lines


You Know What You’re Up Against.     

Whether you’re dealing with rapid growth, managing downsizing, or positioning your organization for the future, the direction your organization takes in dealing with these critical issues can make all the difference.  The Organization Workshop can serve as a reset button that helps people re-align their goals, roles, and relationships to meet the organization’s current external pressures.

It’s not about listening to pie-in-the sky theory about people and organizations.  It’s an energizing experience with proven effectiveness in thousands of organizations worldwide.

The OW’s unique learning-by-doing format provides valuable insight to help your organization pull together toward common goals.  And it gives you the tools you need to manage change and increase your organization’s profitability.

What makes The Organization Workshop so different?      

For starters, you don’t just talk about these organizational issues, you live them.  Clients experience first-hand what life is like in other parts of the organizational system.  So everyone can feel, appreciate and understand one another’s worlds.

The OW is also about more than individual learning.  It’s about building human systems that share a common business objective -- a common framework develops that can produce real changes in your organization.

And it doesn’t just happen by chance.  The experience and learning all grow out of solid organizational theory based on years of testing and experience.

So, what happens?    

We could tell you a blend of experiential exercises, some cognitive theory, discussions and application activities.  But that might be misleading.  More accurately it is a sense of understanding that hits you like a wake up call, the experience of seeing into the worlds of others, and the realization that you do have choices and you can make a difference.

A Day?  Who has a Day?  

Ideally, the full Organization Workshop is a day and a half.  But it’s not time away for managers, employees or staff.  It’s time spent doing the work of your business in a new setting – a setting that helps everyone deal with the challenges and issues faced by the organization in a powerful, new light. 

Clients examine issues and challenges they face back on the job.  And they leave with a strategy for improving their “world”, for both for themselves and for the system.  For any organization faced with the challenges of competition, reorganization or other business issues, it’s a small investment of time that can pay dividends for years to come.

Here's What Our Coaching Clients Say

You clearly understand the motivations and challenges for senior leaders all the way down to front line associates -- this broad perspective was instrumental in my development as a leader and also as a better co-worker.   Ben, Operations Manager, Fortune 150 Company

The sit-down dialogue and conversations were the most effective parts of my program as it gave me an opportunity to speak openly about my personal challenges and the specific opportunities for improvement.  (They) allowed me to think more broadly about the environment I was creating and the conditions for success that I was or was not creating.   Corey, Vice President, Global Operations, Fortune 150 Company

Two mindsets propel effective organizations forward.

1.  Leadership.   When everyone knows they lead something. 


2.  Partnership.  When employees embrace information sharing, initiating and making it easier for others to do what they need to do.