Successful Brands

Do you have a positive brand?


Successful brands have strong positive recognition and loyalty among key customer and consumer segments.

  • How clearly defined is your brand and your brand strategies?
  • How well does your marketing team execute with strategic focus?
  • How deep is your understanding of what motivates key customer segments?

Brand Work Benefits

  • Deeper understanding of what your brand stands for
  • Clarity about what specific actions will contribute to brand success.
  • Plans to increase trust, affinity and passion for your company’s brands without jeopardizing brand equity.

Our strategically focused marketing plan process will describe how your brands must consistently show up in the marketplace to achieve increased brand recognition and loyalty.

Our Process

We guide Brand and Marketing leaders in a collaborative process that generates insights to create compelling, believable and sustainable brand strategies, and establish a shared vision for success among senior executives, customer support, R & D, sales and strategic partners.

  • Inquire:  Develop Deep Understanding of Current Position using Marketing Dimensions Diagnostic
    • How customers, employees and key stakeholders perceive your company’s brands.
    • Assess marketplace dynamics and your company’s competitive position.
    • Challenge current thinking and gain new insight into what is taking place and why.
    • Develop a clear picture of the core target consumer and their motivation.
  • Insight:  Establish Brand Architecture and Hierarchy
    • Corporate identity architecture and hierarchy of brand(s), sub-brand(s).
    • Deeper understanding of each brand's core strengths and how each fits with corporate identity.
    • Brand messaging that is unique, relevant, clear and consistent.
  • Establish Strategic Focus
    • Challenges and opportunities to address.
    • Strategic framework to guide marketing plan development.
  • Innovate:  Formulate Marketing and Sales Plan to Deliver Strategic Focus and Brand Promise
    • Internal and external marketing plans to support brand imperative and strategic focus.
      • Internal Communication and Training
      • Product Development
      • Go-to-Market Strategies (Advertising, Promotion, Website, Social Media Marketing and Public Relations)
    • Sales plans to align with new strategic direction.
    • Align customer plans with new strategic marketing direction both in terms of Customer Marketing and Account Management
  • Implement:  Establish Plan to Ensure Successful Implementation/Execution
    • Strategies for ensuring ongoing smooth implementation, evaluation and adjustments to plan.

Marketing Dimensions Diagnostic Easy-to-administer, industry-proven marketing assessment tool

Our marketing assessment tool examines six key dimensions that lead to marketing success:

     1.  Marketplace Knowledge and Competitive Position

     2.  Customer Understanding and Intimacy

     3.  Brand Positioning and Identity

     4.  Organizational Will

     5.  Strategic Foundation

     6.  Planned Results

Strategic Branding Work


We really appreciated the opportunity to work with WilderWeber Leadership Group. They were extremely dedicated and a pleasure to work with. Their thoughtful strategy insights with regard to strategic branding decisions, product merchandising, and developing our distribution channel was a tremendous help!


Alan Blake, CEO

Yorktown Technologies

Austin, TX

Brand Leadership Workshop 2016
In-house workshop tailored to your company's unique qualities, competitive realities and available resources.

Optimize your brand's ability to ignite business performance and achieve your strategic vision.

Our fast-paced interactive workshop delivers creative thinking and strategic actionable results for growing your brand and ensuring that your brand stands out in today's crowded marketplace.

The Moment of Truth

The best brands consistently win two critical moments of truth.  1.  When a consumer decides whether to buy one brand or another.  2. At home, when she uses the brand and is delighted or isn’t. 

Brands that win these moments of truth again and again earn a special place in consumers’ hearts and minds; the strongest of these establishes a life-long bond with the consumer.

Lafley, CEO, Proctor & Gamble