The Right Corporate Identity

Is your organization projecting the right corporate identity?

Your corporate identity communicates volumes -- from culture and business philosophy to product value and attributes.  It is one of your most valuable assets.  Are you taking the necessary steps to safeguard and build it? Do you have clear guidelines to ensure visual continuity in print and other presentations of your corporate name, logo and nomenclatures?

WilderWeber’s expertise in corporate brand strategy allows you to gain a deep appreciation of your organization’s brand. We work with you to develop clear, consistent communication and prescribe specific steps to protect and build affinity, trust, passion and overall equity in your brand.

Our Process

Through a comprehensive assessment and development process, we work with senior teams to build a sustainable image that fully communicates your corporate culture and identity. Our process delivers clear, actionable direction and encompasses these activities:

  • Inquire:  Assess & Diagnose - Develop deep understanding of your company’s current image
    • How customer, employees and key stakeholders perceive your organization.
    • Assess marketplace dynamics and your company’s competitive position.
    • Challenge current thinking and gain new insight into not only what is taking place, but why.
    • Begin to develop a clear picture of your customer and their motivations.
  • Insight:  Establish Identity Architecture and Brand Hierarchy - Maximize impact of corporate identity and ensure alignment with all corporate brands.
    • Establish a corporate identity architecture and brand hierarchy.
    • Gain a deeper understanding of the core strengths of each brand.
    • Establish identity messaging that delivers a unique, relevant, clear and consistent message to the marketplace.
  • Establish Strategic Focus
    • Identify challenges and opportunities.
    • Establish strategic framework
  • Innovate:  Formulate business plans that establish the strategic focus and brand promise of the new corporate identity.

Corporate Identity is a Job Not Just for the Marketing Department.

Corporate identity should be an idea that pulls together why you do what you do, what it is you are actually going to do and how you are going to do it.  This is not just a job for the marketing department.  The benefits of getting the senior team engaged in articulating the identity and engaging the entire work force in understanding it are huge.


The Value of Brand Recognition

The born-again checkered pattern from Burberry has become a worldwide luxury cult.  From outfitting the military and intrepid explorers last century, Burberry has morphed into a high fashion staple.  The streets of New York, Tokyo, Frankfurt, London or Sydney wouldn’t be the same without that trademark red, camel, black and white check.  It’s their powerful visual signature of quality.

Kevin Saatchi