2017 CORE ADVANCE:  Business Intensive for Technology Leaders

Participating companies include:  Advanced Logic Industries, Corvesta, New City Media, Ozmo, Qualtrax, and TechSquared.

Central Mission:  help emerging leaders who have direct reports achieve greater success.    Core Advance’s learning experiences,  led by regional experts, are designed to maximize applications. 

  1. AM modules focuses on Relationship Intelligence.  
  2. Lunch & Learns, led by experienced experts, will offer participants opportunities to enrich their business savvy and broaden participants’ regional networks.    
  3. PM modules focus on Executive Know-How.

Faculty include regional experts who will lead the program modules, including:  Paula Wilder, WilderWeber Leadership Group; Jeff Smith, Voltage Leadership; Deon Glorius, Corvesta; Amy Ankrum, CEO, Qualtrax, Tom Haas, Common Wealth Growth; Jennifer Owen-O'Quill, Voltage Leadership and John Schott, CEO, Dominion Metallurgical.

Lunch and Learns will be led by David Catalano, CEO, Ozmo; Nanci Hardwick, CEO, Aeroprobe; Ken Ferris, Brookewood Management; Kathy Claytor, Senior VP of Human Resources, Corvesta, Todd Leeson, ESq., Gentry Locke Attorneys, Alex Obenauer, CEO, Mindsense, Derrick Magard, APEX CIE, and Greg Feldmann, CEO, Skyline Capital Strategies.

Applications for the 2018 Cadre will be open in January 2018.  Classes begin in March.


RBTC CEO Round Tables


Provide a forum where smart, thoughtful and dedicated peers at the senior executive level gain new insights into strategic issues that are impacting their ability to adapt and transform their organizations for growth and success.


Round Table conversations are marked by challenging, rigorous, confidential business-focused, frank and empathetic comments that improve senior executive decision-making.   

For more information, contact Paula Wilder, Ken Ferris at Brookwood Management or Heather Baum Fay at The Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council.


Diagnostic Tools

Five on-line surveys help leaders focus on sustainable advantage.

  • Marketing Dimensions focuses on strategic marketplace excellence. It assesses the organization's engagement on six critical dimensions of strategic marketing success.
  • Organization Dimensions focuses on the organization's engagement in six critical dimensions of Marketplace Responsiveness.
  • Leadership Dimensions focuses on behaviors in six key categories that are essential to leadership effectiveness--customized for specific industry sectors.
  • Change Leadership assesses the viability of existing organizational processes and performance in creating and sustaining needed change.
  • Winning Cultures pinpoints areas of strength and opportunity when seeking to develop a healthier organizational culture.

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