12.2011 - Organization Dimensions Diagnostic

Do you have a plan to improve your organization’s vitality?   

Achieving organizational vitality is not easy -- particularly with today’s economic turbulence.   Customer service, engagement, empowerment, accountability, alignment, collaboration and innovation require disciplined focus. Much like physical fitness, it’s a day-in and day-out pursuit.

When it comes to fitness, too many individuals rely on one number – our weight.   Often, senior leaders also focus singularly on one nuuumber  -- P & L.  The secret to sustainable success, however, is vitality among a number of significant inter-related factors.

When people look and see stalled projects and missed customer opportunities, they feel frustrated, anxious, and confused.  They know that these scenarios have a profound negative financial impact – often affecting the bottom-line in ways that are not always clearly identified in quarterly spreadsheets. 

> 50% of companies had misaligned business &innovation strategies & organizational culture,  leading to reduced financial return.

Booz & Co 2011 Global Innovation Study


We challenged ourselves to create an effective way for leaders to take the pulse of their organization quickly, affordably and objectively,  This lead to an easy-to-administer, evidence-based tool designed to help leaders gain increased strategic focus, and, we believe, peace of mind. The resulting diagnostic focuses energy and attention to create sustainable advantage.

The 40-item on-line survey provides anonymity and quick data turnaround.    Data is reported back for team reflection and innovation.   The organizational mindset shift that results can lead to greater focus and clarity about what's most important for achieving organizational success.

Six critical dimensions of organization effectiveness measured by the OD2:

     1.  Marketplace Responsiveness

     2.  Clear Direction

     3.  The Right Structure

     4.  Effective Work Processes

     5.  The Right Metrics

     6.  Effective People Practices