01.2013 - Trust:  STP for the Long Haul

When you are leading any change project, one ingredient, Trust, makes all the difference in terms of your ability to get people moving smoothly toward your goals.   Trust -- the STP of organizational life!

If you think of your project as a car with lots of well-tooled moving parts, it's the one with regularly maintained high quality fluids that is likely to stand the test of time. 

Without the right lubrication (Trust, Respect, Authenticity. etc.), change projects regularly buck, lurch and stall. 

Start By Being Trustworthy

There is little value-add when you focus on how much you trust others. 

Stay in the driver's seat by focusing on what you can do to increase others' being able to trust you.  Take time to honestly assess your trustworthiness.


How good am I at:

  1. Being clear:  saying what I will do and what I won't do?
  2. Listening to people and ensuring that they know I have listened?
  3. Having empathy:  understanding what matters to people and working hard to protect what is related to those things?
  4. Sharing myself authentically?
  5. Asking for feedback and acknowledging unasked for feedback related to my trustworthiness?
  6. Not pushing others to trust me more than I trust them?
  7. Extending my trust further, beyond my own comfort range?
  8. Not confusing being trustworthy with being a personal friend?
  9. Not being surprised that my trust-building is viewed suspiciously?
  10. Constantly aligning what I believe and what I say?