07.2011 - Marketing Innovation that Delivers Results

Do Your Go-to-Market Plans Consistently Deliver Results?

Do You Fully Understand Your Target Customer's Values, Dreams and Preferences?

Is Your Brand Integrated with Your Organization’s Culture?

On occasion, a clever marketing ploy will hit the bulls-eye with spectacular results.  But, this is rare.   Most marketing efforts that deliver sustainable results are based on thoughtful consideration of a number of factors.  WilderWeber believes that  marketing plans that deliver sustainable results start with a dedicated and disciplined pursuit of excellence around six key marketing dimensions. 

To create forward momentum, start with where you are today.  Improving your organization’s performance, begin with understanding your current marketing practices around these six marketing dimensions.  Our Marketing Dimensions Diagnostic service helps you to do just that by pinpointing where you can improve your marketing program’s performance so that you achieve real growth for your organization.

Our Marketing Dimensions Diagnostic service is affordable and easy to administer.  Once you have completed the diagnostic, which typically takes about 30 minutes, we will prepare a comprehensive report which details your organization’s strengths and highlights where increased focus can lead to real innovation and greater predictability of planned results.

Six critical dimensions assessed by the MD2 that result in increased strategic marketing success:

     1.  Marketplace Knowledge and Competitive Position

     2.  Customer Understanding and Intimacy

     3.  Brand Positioning and Identity

     4.  Organizational Will

     5.  Strategic Foundation

     6.  Planned Results