06.2011 - Retreats to Create Capability and Results

Does your organization:

  • Look to top leaders for all the solutions?
  • Create results or rationalize the status quo?
  • Share power widely or withhold information and power? 

Organizations with a “can do, roll-up-your sleeves” mentality across the ranks deliver results!  To get there, individuals and teams must have a "we can make it happen." mindset.   

With a Leadership + Partnership mindset, you see the challenges, stresses and dilemmas that others face at each organizational level and work strategically to create success everywhere.

Retreats, particularly ones where the learning "sticks," are well-suited to help create the mind-set shifts necessary to catapult the organization fromstatus quotodesired change. 

The Organization Workshop delivers on its promise.   It “provid(es) an extremely useful framework for addressing communications, cooperation, and teamwork issues in an experiential way” (Retreats That Work). WilderWeber's two-day retreat creates new linkages that create a clear path to business results. 

A life-changing event that creates insight, new strategy, and self-efficacy in ways that few retreat approaches can. 


Two mindsets propel effective organizations forward.

1.  Leadership.   When everyone knows they lead something. 


2.  Partnership.  When employees embrace information sharing, initiating and making it easier for others to do what they need to do.