05.2011 - Harness the Power of High Performance Teams

Whether you’re establishing a team to fast-track the development of a new product or forming a team to re-design a critical process within your organization, taking the necessary steps to charter the team will help ensure they have the tools, resources, motivation and commitment required to accomplish their mission.

Step 1:  High Performance Team Formation

The formation of a high performing team begins with selecting the right management sponsor, someone who has a real stake in the outcome, who will champion the project and support the team through the process.  Once the management sponsor is identified a team leader needs to be selected to manage team process, ensure regular communication of progress, assess team performance and cohesion and keep the management sponsor informed.  Once team leadership is in place team members that possess a balance of technical, problem-solving, organizational and interpersonal skills need to be identified.  And finally, the launch of the team should coincide with the communication of a Leadership Message to announce the formation of the team to the broader organization, and communicate the team’s purpose, expectations and process.

  • Select and orient the management team sponsor.
  • Select and orient the team leader.
  • Select team members.
  • Create and communicate the leadership message.

Step 2:  Team Charter Retreat

Once the team has been selected a chartering retreat will unite the team through the development of a shared vision, a solid framework for project management and identification of the resources needed for the success.  A comprehensive chartering process includes these steps:

  • Review and clarify project purpose, and management expectations.
  • Establish project mission, goals and objectives.
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities and performance expectations.
  • Identify key milestones and establish project timeline.
  • Identify budget and resource requirements.
  • Define team-operating approach.
  • Define team authority.
  • Establish communication plan.

Typical Chartering Benefits:

For Individuals:

  • Feel increased affinity for the mission and each other.
  • Understand clearly the project scope and their responsibility to each other and the organization.
  • Develop team leadership know-how.

For Groups:

  • Increase their energy, momentum and capability toward achieving the team’s goal.

For the organization:

  • Increased bench strength, success track record and leadership development.