10.2012 - How to Amp Up Accountability

Imagine if the people in your organization always fulfilled on their promises.

Imagine the legacy you would leave your organization if you decided to lead an effort that increased individual, group and organizational accountability. 

We have observed a widespread quest for more accountability up, down and across organizational ines.   Front-line workers want it from their managers and fellow workers.  Top leaders want it everywhere!  And, customers are demanding it.

In organizations, where leaders talk about increased accountability, we sometimes hear people talk about accountablity as negative fault-finding -- and not, positive solution-delivery.  How can you create the mindset shift necessary for people to welcome accountability and not resist it?

When we hear people asking for more accountability, we look at ten indicators that build an accountablity culture  -- where there is a deep-felt sense of obligation to exceed expectations around high quality products and services for internal and external customers.   

Take our diagnostic and determine what opportunities exist to spark an accountability "lift" where you work..

Accountability: A deep-felt obligation, willingness and ability to fulfill your commitments, no matter what!